Apply for Scholarship Grants

20 of the student attendees will be supported with scholarships from the SoBigData project. The organisation committee will evaluate all applications. Every attendee with a successful application will receive a fee waiver for registration. In addition, we reserved a budget of up to 400€ per accepted grant, to support with costs related to WWSSS2018 attendance (travel, accommodation, and visa).

The applicant is preferably a full-time student enrolled for a Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. degree in computer science, (digital) humanities or other Web and Data Science-related fields. Applicants holding a postdoc position are also welcome to apply. The applicant must be willing to attend the summer school.

To apply for the scholarship grant, please provide the following:

  1. Letter of recommendation of your advisor/professor
  2. Two-page CV
  3. Short summary (two pages max.) describing your research interests and accomplishments, and what you expect to learn at the summer school.
  4. Sent your documents in an email to until 2018, April, 15th (extended to 2018, May 1st). The email must include your full name and address.

The notification of whether a grant application is accepted will be sent by 2018, May, 1st (2018 May 7th).

Applicants still need to register for the event. If you register before the notification, and receive the grant, the fee will be refunded. If you register after the notification, and receive the grant, you will receive a fee waiver. In any case, a slot for attendance will be reserved for every successful scholarship grant applicant until 2018, June, 1st.

The scholarship will be offered in the form of reimbursement after the event, we advise all the accepted applicants to keep the receipts of the relevant costs.

If you need any further information please write to