Below is an overview of the schedule, which will be populated further throughout the next weeks. The confirmed speakers and tutors are listed here.

Monday, 30 July Tuesday, 31 July Wednesday, 1 August Thursday, 2 August Friday, 3 August Saturday, 4 August
(Web) Data Science Web Mining & Information Extraction Social Web & Online Learning Web-scale Crowdsourcing & Human Computation Big Data & Web Semantics Web & Society
Welcome by WWSSS chairs & “Introduction to Web & Data Science” (Speaker: tbc) Keynote: “Text Mining and Social Media Analysis with GATE: Donald Trump, Brexit, climate change and curing cancer” (Speaker: Diana Maynard) Keynote: “Web Analytics for Everyday Learning” (Speaker: Mathieu d’Aquin) Keynote: “Social Computation & Crowdsourcing” (Speaker: Ujwal Gadiraju) Keynote: “Web Semantics & Knowledge Graphs” (Speaker: Harald Sack) Keynote: “Using Advertising Audience Estimates for Population Studies” (Speaker: Ingmar Weber)
Coffee 10.30-11.00
Data Science Process – Obtaining, exploring, interpreting Web Data (Speaker: tbc) Tutorial: “Information Extraction with GATE” (Speaker: Diana Maynard) Tutorial: “Personal Web Analytics: What does my own browsing behaviour tell me about what I’m learning online?”, organised by AFEL project Tutorial: “Scaling up Human Computation through Microtask Crowdsourcing” (Speaker: Markus Rokicki) Tutorial: “Introduction to Scalable Big Data Processing” (Speaker: Robert Jäschke) Keynote: “Copyright and Data Protection Law in Data Mining” (Speaker: Christian Heinze)
Lunch 12.30-14:00
Tutorial: Machine Learning for Web Science (Speaker: tbc) Tutorial: “Temporal Information Retrieval & Web Archive Analysis” (Speaker: Avishek Anand) Supervised group work Tutorial: “Knowledge Construction in Wikipedia” (Speaker: Besnik Fetahu) Tutorial: “Visualisation & Visual Analytics” (Speaker: Thorsten May) Tutorial: “Digital Social Sciences (Complex Network Analysis)” (Speaker: Nino Antulov-Fantulin)
Coffee 15.30-16.00
Talk/Tutorial: “Philosophy & Ethics of Web Science” (Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda) Tutorial/Talk: “Truth Discovery” (Speaker: Klaus Broelemann) Supervised group work Excursion starting time 16:00 Group presentations Group presentations & closing
Hands-on work
Welcome reception & poster reception 18.00 Freetime BBQ Dinner Freetime Social dinner