The summer school will cover different web science aspects. Our mix of keynotes, tutorials and supervised project work around various topics of Web Science will provide an effective and motivating learning experience.

  • Introduction to Web Science explains Web Science as a discipline and teaches both methods and scope of web science. It makes students understand that the web is a complex system where technical and social aspects interact.
  • Social Machines investigates how the creative actions of people can be organised by computers in a way that complex tasks (which require cognition, intelligence or creativity) in are organised in large scale (e.g. in Crowd Computing).
  • Web and Politics covers the interrelation of citizens and government over the web as well as political processes that take place in the web.
  • Internet and Law focuses the Web as a system that expands over different countries with different legal regulations. Issues such as business law, media law, copyright law and information security will be covered.
  • Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem focuses on the integration and analyzing of data collected from various dimensions of social life, as recorded by “big data”.
  • Learning analytics focuses on the understanding of informal/collective learning in online social environments.