Travel F.A.Q.

If I receive a sponsorship grant, how can I apply for the refund of travel expenses?

Collect the original receipts of your mandatory travel expenses (accomodation, public transport to and from the venue, flight tickets). Electronic flight tickets may be submitted, together with payment verification and boarding passes. Please make only one submission with a set of collected receipts.
Just to clarify, ‘mandatory expenses’ means that souvenir or duty-free shopping is not eligible for refund. The provisions of the Bundesreisekostengesetz (lit.: Federal Law for Travel Expenses) apply.

UPDATE (2018-08-01): Submitting receipts. You generally have three options.

  • Option A: You may give your collected receipts in a bundle to Thorsten May physically. Make sure your name, price tag, and date of payment is on the receipt. (For public transport tickets, simply write your name on it in readable form). If you want to include the receipt of your hotel, Thorsten will be here until Saturday.
  • Option B: Snail-mail the receipts (i.e. after the event) to
    “Fraunhofer IGD c/o Thorsten May
    Fraunhoferstrasse 5
    64283 Darmstadt
  • Option C: Electronic receipts, that include your name, date, the price, and payment confirmation may be sent bei email.

Please send the documents in a bundle until August 15th. In case of questions, delays, please contact Thorsten May.

May I submit a business class or (beware) first class ticket for refund?

No. First of all, it compromises your claim of actually needing the money for travelling. Secondly, only the costs of an economy ticket are eligible for funding, and it will be a hassle to sort that out.

If I do not need all the funds granted for mandatory expenses, can I receive the remaining money in cash?

No. In any case, money will be transferred electronically (for accounting reasons), and only upon submission of eligible receipts (for reasons of being obliged to EU-citizens, which are – in the end – our main sponsors).

Is there any recommended reading to prepare for the summer school?

There is no mandatory reading material.

When does the program start, and when does in officially end?

Program starts Monday, July 30th and 9:00 a.m. Reception will be open by ca. 8:00 a.m. Official program closes Saturday, August 4th, at 18:00.

Is there anything to consider for the evening programmes?

At least weather (i.e. clothing) and diet. Hannover has a generally a pleasant summer weather, with August  temperatures usually ranging from some 20°C to some 30°C. Rain often comes in the form of thunderstorms on a hot day’s afternoon. (It is possible that you will not see a cloud the entire week, but do not count on it).

If you have any dietary restrictions, and did not state so on the registration form, please inform us.